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Laser Tattoo Removal

There are so many reasons for wanting to either partially modify or completely remove your tattoo.


You may regret ever having the tattoo done, especially if it was done many years ago when tastes, trends and styles were different.


Or you simply may want to make way for a new fresh tattoo that is more current or meaningful to you.

Fortunately we are now offering the Zeolight NDYAG Q Switched laser, which is the most powerful worldwide at 1600mj, we offer the best tattoo removal results to permanently remove all colours of tattoos.

How long does Tattoo removal take 

It usually takes several treatment sessions to remove a tattoo successfully, the number of sessions needed depends upon the colour of the tattoo ink as well as other factors, eg: size and you will need regular intervals between sessions.

An ammeter tattoo can take 1-3 treatments as the ink does not go down so deep. Other tattoos can take 6-12 sessions but will fade after every session you have. You would leave about 6-8 weeks in between treatments.

It takes 7 days for the body to get rid of the toxins & therefore we can only treat 6 inches by 2 inches at a time as the body can’t tolerate any more than this. We can see you again a week later to treat you again on another area.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The procedure can cause a stinging sensation, which can be eased by applying a local anaesthetic numbing cream which can be purchased online. Most people experience slight discomfort but agree it’s not as painful as getting a tattoo.


After the treatment, it may feel like you have mild sunburn. You may experience swelling, bruising & blistering although these are not very common & go down quickly.

How much does Tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal has become a lot more affordable over the years.

It will depend on the size of your tattoo which will be discussed when you come in for your consultation & patch test with one of our team.

You will get a discount if a block of sessions is booked & paid for.

If you’d like an idea of cost, email us a picture of your tattoo with the measurements & we will give you a rough guide on how much it will cost per treatment.


Treatments can be spread out every 6-8 weeks when you visit the salon which helps with the cost.

Most people are surprised how reasonable it is to get a tattoo removed & wish they’d started it sooner!

A patch test is required at least 24 hours before the first treatment.

Extra small 2cm x 2cm



Small 5cm x 5cm



Medium 10cm x 10cm



Large 15cm x 15cm


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